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  • 1x Raspberry Pi 2B (Element14 2461030)
  • 1x Robotis OpenCM9.04-A
  • 1x 8GB MicroSD card
  • 1x PiTFT Screen
  • 1x USB Wireless LAN adapter, TP-Link TL-WDN3200 802.11a/b/g adapter.
    • Alternative: 1x Raspberry Pi WiFi (Element14 2301652, AdaFruit 814)
Connectors and Cables
  • 7x Robotis Dynamxiel AX-12A
  • 1x 3 cell LiPoly battery
  • 1x XT-60 battery connector
  • 1x LiPoly 3 cell low voltage alarm board
  • 1x 5A SPST main power switch
  • 1x Set of components to power off the LiPoly battery, including external power jack.
    • 1x 2A 5V Voltage Regulator (RC Battery Eliminator)
    • 1x 5A SPST power switch to isolate motors
    • 2x 1n4004 power diodes
    • 1x DC barrel connector
    • 1x 12V 2A mains power supply
  • Alternative: 1x Mobile phone emergency charger + MicroUSB cable.
  • 16x Robotis S1 Bolt (M2x6mm)
  • 45x Robotis N1 Nut (M2)
  • 32x Robotis S3 Bolt (M2x10mm)
  • 13x Robotis S4 Bolt (M2x12mm)
  • 4x Robotis S6 Bolt (M2x20mm)
  • 8x Robotis S-B Bolt (M3x10mm)
  • 8x Robotis N2 Nut (M3)

Alternatively, purchase the following set for a selection of suitable fasteners.

  • Robotis BIOLOID Bolt Nut Set BNS-10
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