Elevated Platforms

The arena has several levels made up of elevated pallets with wooden legs underneath them.


There are three types of elevated pallet. They are as follows, along with the required quantities for the recommended competition arena layout.

  • 5x 15 degree ramps
  • 5x Elevated floor sections
  • 1x Confined space drop stack (“Ant Farm”)


15 degree ramps:

These ramps consist of a pallet with one end propped up by pieces of timber, cut so that the flat surface of the pallet sits at a 15 degree angle. The length of the piece of timber will therefore depend on the thickness of the timber frame. The lengths below have been computed for 50 x 100 mm timber, you will need to compute these for your timber separately.


  • Pre-made components:
  • Solid wood posts:
    • (B) 2x 50 x 100 x 394 mm with top cut to 15 degrees. Length should be such that when the post is secured to the pallet as shown in the figure, the top of the pallet is at a 15 degree slope.
  • Screws:
    • 4x M5 x 80 mm ( #10 x 2.5 in) screws


Elevated floor sections:

The height of the elevated floor should match the top of the ramps. This height will therefore depend on the thickness of the wooden posts that make up the pallets. The measurements below assume the use of 50 x 100 mm timber.


  • Pre-made components:
    • (A) 1x Standard pallet
  • Solid wood posts:
    • (B) 4x 50 x 100 x 407 mm. Length should be such that the top of the pallet lines up with the top of the ramp.
  • Screws:
    • 12x M5 x 80 mm ( #10 x 2.5 in) screws


Confined space drop stack (“Ant Farm”):

This consists of two stacks of three pallets with an approximately 50 cm vertical gap between them. Note that unlike the rest of the arena, the wall sections need to be secured prior to the uprights (legs) being attached.


  • Pre-made components:
  • OSB or plywood sheets:
    • (B) 28x 5 x 300 x 600 mm wall sections.
  • Solid wood posts:
    • (C) 10x 50 x 100 x 1200 mm.
  • Screws:
    • 80x M5 x 80 mm ( #10 x 2.5 in) screws
    • 52x M5 x 40 mm ( #10 x 1.5 in) screws


Note that some of the shorter screws are used to secure the wall panels back into the upright solid wood posts. These will help to prevent the assembly from “racking” or parallelogramming.