72x individual ramps needed for RoboCup 2019.

Crossing (regular and rotating) and Continuous Ramp terrains are based on the same terrain elements, arranged in different ways.


The ramps themselves have a slope of 15 degrees and take up a footprint of 150 x 150 mm (6 x 6 in). For ease of construction, it is assumed that datum is approximately one thickness of OSB.


Each offset Z pallet (regardless of configuration) requires 32 ramps. Each ramp consists of the following components.

  • 1x 15 x 150 x 152 mm OSB sheet
  • 1x 15 x 120 x 36 mm OSB sheet (Note, 120mm dimension should be 150mm – 2x thickness of OSB)
  • 2x triangles 15 x 147 x 36 mm OSB

It is recommended that the ramps are nailed or stapled together. They may instead be glued together with the assistance of a suitable jig.