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Development Software

To build the software into an image that's usable on the hardware, a collection of scripts and other software is used to try and make the process as automated as possible.

These can be found under the build-tools.

Needed Packages

On Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install git qemu-system-arm


To remove the dependency on having a hardware Pi setup, QEMU is used to provide an emulated system. qemu-system-arm must be installed on the system.

The script takes the filename of the Raspberry Pi image to boot off. However, since there is no Raspberry Pi emulation available for QEMU, it relies on a kernel being specifically compiled for QEMU to use instead of the Raspberry Pi image kernel. can be run to get the latest release of Raspbian.


This contains the scripts for building the kernel for use with QEMU, cd into the kernel directory and run ./ build, it will download the toolchain, kernel source, and build the kernel.

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