Base Pallets

32x sub-pallets (16 pairs) needed for RoboCup 2019.

The base offset-Z pallets are the platforms on which all of the elements in the arena rest.

A base offset-Z pallet consists of two sub-pallets.


Each identical sub-pallet measures 300 x 1200 mm (12 x 48 in) in size. These are either screwed or bolted together to form an offset Z pallet.

These pallets may be constructed in any way you deem fit as long as the following criteria are satisfied.

  • The top surface should be Oriented Strandboard (OSB). If this is not economically available, plywood with a surface friction similar to OSB should be used.
  • The sides should be thick enough to support the attachment of walls strong enough to hold robots and terrains in.
  • The pallet should be sufficiently structurally sound to support the robots and terrains while being supported from the four corners. Depending on the application, it may also be necessary to ensure that the pallets are strong enough to survive general handling and the possibility of people standing on it.

We constructed each sub-pallet as follows. You will need to construct TWO of these to make a full offset Z pallet.


  • OSB sheets:
    • (A) 1x 15 x 300 x 1200 mm (0.5 x 12 x 48 in)
  • Solid wood posts:
    • (B) 2x 50 x 100 x 1200 mm (2 x 4 x 48 in)
    • (C) 2x 50 x 100 x 200 mm (2 x 4 x 8 in), sized to fit between (B)
  • Screws:
    • 8x M5 x 80 mm ( #10 x 2.5 in) screws
    • 10x M5 x 40 mm ( #10 x 1.5 in) screwsbasepallet-components

For each pair of sub-pallets you will also require:

  • Screws:
    • Either 3x M5 x 80 mm ( #10 x 2.5 in) screws OR 3x 8 x 120 mm bolts and associated nuts.

It is recommended that if bolts are used, holes for them are drilled using a jig. This means that hole placement will be consistent and allow the sub-pallets to be swapped around and have everything continue to fit.