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Welcome to the Open Academic Robot Kit!

  • Have you ever built a robot from a kit of plastic parts and wished that you could change just a few things to make it perfect for your purposes?
  • Have you ever built a robot from a construction kit (Lego, Meccano, Fischertechnik, etc.) and wished that it could be stronger, that you could easily incorporate non-standard parts, that you could make parts just a bit larger or a bit smaller, or that you didn’t have to keep buying expensive proprietary parts?
  • Have you ever looked at robots at a fair, in a competition or the like and wished that you could have one “exactly like that” but don’t have the technical skills to build it from scratch?

If you’ve ever thought any of these things (or even if you haven’t!) the Open Academic Robot Kit may well be what you’re looking for!

We have been working hard to produce this site which will step you through the construction, development, implementation and finally competition against others with your own robot.

We are using an easy to follow flag convention throughout the site to help you get exactly what you want from this site and allow you to work to your own strengths and weaknesses; making the completion of your robot as easy and as customisable as possible.


Green Flag This icon allows you to simply follow the steps provided with the resources given to build a simple yet functional robot.


Orange FlagThis icon indicates that you have read and understand the information provided but have decided to use your own tools, machinery or resources.


Red FlagThis icon indicates that you have decided to produce your own solution to the task set.