Rules Discussion for the 2023 German Open and 2024 World Championship

The previous rulebook was built incrementally from the version first published in 2016 and, while it has served us well, the competition has evolved since then so it’s time for a rewrite!

The goal of this rewrite is to more accurately document the way that the competition has actually been run in the 2019 and 2023 World Championships in Sydney and Bordeaux respectively, and clarify points that were found to be ambiguous, confusing, or otherwise open to interpretation. It also makes clearer where there is latitude for variation and flexibility in the way that the competition is run.

We are presenting this first draft for feedback and comment, and will be testing it during the 2023 RMRC German Open at the end of October. Afterwards, feedback and experiences will be gathered and the rules adjusted and published (well) ahead of the 2024 World Championships.

The draft documents are linked below. Please send comments to . Note that this will be updated from time to time so please do check back before submitting comments to make sure you’re commenting against the latest version.

Rulebook Draft:

Construction guide: