60 cm scale components

Base Pallets

6x for RoboCup 2019.

Each base pallet is a 600 x 2400 mm sheet of 10-15 mm thick OSB with a frame of approx. 50 x 100 mm lumber screwed around it and a reinforcing bar screwed across the middle.

Zero-height 15 degree ramps

100x for RoboCup 2019.

Each ramp has a footprint of 300 x 300 mm and a slope of approximately 15 degrees. Back and sides are enclosed. The following is a recommended method of construction assuming 12 mm OSB (or similar sheet material), glued and nailed together (a simple jig that holds the three walls so the top can be easily attached greatly simplifies mass-production). Adjust dimensions and construction technique for available materials.

Zero-height steps

8x for RoboCup 2019.

This is simply a sheet of OSB (or similar sheet material), 300 x 300 mm in size. Its presence holds the other steps in place.

50 mm high steps

18x for RoboCup 2019.

A platform, 300 x 300 mm footprint with enclosed walls and the top surface 50 mm *plus material thickness* above the ground. The following is an example of recommended construction from 12 mm OSB (again a simple jig to hold the walls while the top is glued/nailed in may speed construction). Sizes should be adjusted for alternative thickness materials.

100 mm high steps

18x for RoboCup 2019.

As above but 50 mm strips are now 100 mm high.

200 mm high steps

8x for RoboCup 2019.

As above but 50 mm strips are now 200 mm high.