Ramp Terrains

The ramp terrains feature commonly in the mini arena. A standard competition arena will have 4 sets of 32 ramps, arranged in either a continuous or a crossing configuration.


2ft version test bay v11-ramps

The ramps may be built in a variety of ways so long as the upper surface is OSB or OSB-like plywood, the footprint is 145 x 145 mm and the surface is sloped at 15 degrees. The reference arena was built with ramps as follows.


  • (A) 1x 10 x 145 x 150 mm OSB rectangle
  • (B) 2x 10 x 135 x 36 x 140 mm OSB triangles
  • (C) 1x 10 x 145 x 36 mm OSB rectangle


These components can be secured with wood glue and nails. In the absence of a nailgun, wood screws may be used, in which case construction may be easier if the OSB triangles may be replaced by pieces of lumber 15 to 20 mm in thickness.