Gravel Slopes

Gravel slopes consist of a sloping base with sub-walls to hold in the gravel or other aggregate. Note that the gravel is not adhered to the surface and should be loose. It will need to be smoothed between runs.


The base ramp is 15 degrees. The depth of gravel is nominally 50 mm (2 in). Note that depending on the thickness of the base pallet, the walls may need to be raised slightly (or, to keep all of the panels the same, shifted up as depicted in the rendering).

In addition to the pallet and walls, the following materials are required.


  • 2x 15 x 600 x 300 mm (2 ft x 1 ft) OSB sheet
  • 2x isosceles triangles, 225 x 419 mm with the tip at 30 degrees.

These are secured as shown, screwed to the base board and the walls. Note that it may be easier to use staples to secure the triangle pieces.