Laser Cutting


 3D Printing can be a slow process. This section offers an alternative for fabrication of some basic Emu parts – for those who have access to a laser cutter.

UPDATE: You can now buy the parts laser cut from Ponoko! Click here for the full version (last checked, $114.74USD + free shipping) and here for a minimal, less flexible version (last checked, $71.34USD + shipping). You can also download the latest versions of the files there.

Included below are files for:

  • a chassis cut from 6mm acrylic sheet
  • four different wheel designs that have been fabricated by sandwiching 3 pieces of 6mm acrylic sheet, then fixing them together with machine screws

How To:

Before gluing it may be useful to ‘dry assemble’ the chassis to ensure that the individual joints fit together, and that the parts are all in the correct orientation.




Green Flag

Try these files to get started:

Emu Chassis


Orange Flag

You can easily import the vectors in these PDF drawings into you 2D drawing package and modify these. At least the fixing holes for the Dynamixel servos will be correct.

Red Flag

You have decided to design and build your own parts for your robot.

Note: where the mounting screws attach the wheels onto the Dynamixel servos, you can have no more than 6mm of thread fixing into drive plate – more than this will damage the servo.