3D Printing


 This section outlines the 3D printing method used to build parts of the basic OAR Emu.

The 3D printer used in this section is an UP Plus 2 details are available here or go to their homepage for local resell information.

The reason this printer has been chosen is because is exemplifies a nominal build volume of 140x140x135 mm3. We feel this is a ‘standard’ size for a hobbyist or ‘maker’ and many machines have a similar build volume in this price range.

The build uses PLA thermoplastic. Read here for more information regarding common 3D printing materials.


How To:

Follow the video demonstration of the chassis end build on an UP Plus 2.


Green Flag   Using the UP Plus 2 printer or similar specified machine you need to use the following files.

Build 2 off LH and RH Chassis Parts

Cut 1 Bash Guard

Build other additional parts from original model as required

Orange Flag  If you intend to use a different 3D printer with a build plate of approximately. 200x200x150mm3 you can build the  base as one part using the following file.

Build all parts from Original Chassis and Arm

Red FlagYou have decided to design and build your own parts for your robot.